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  • Why You Should Invest in Real Estate

    Specifically multi-family real estate is as close to a recession proof investment as you can get. Not only that, but it regularly has greater returns then the stock market yielding average annual returns of 13% or more. Compare this to the stock market which returned just under 7% (minus taxes, fees & inflation) over the past 20 years. Real Estate is also taxed at a lower rate, has less fees and is a hedge against inflation. Through Real Estate Syndications now anyone can invest in multi million dollar commercial real estate.


    As real estate asset managers we focus on maximizing property value for our investors. Our purpose is to increase market value so ownership can realize great returns.

    We concentrate on emerging markets around the United States and search out under performing assets that we believe have strong upside. With focus on specific areas of growth, we minimize the risk and are able to elevate properties for tenants while increasing returns for our investors.


    RYDON Asset Management was founded by Donald Sarka and his son Ryan. Don built the company from the ground up and began to acquire apartment buildings and flipping single and multifamily homes using creative financing techniques.


    The first property was a 3 family building in a D-neighborhood. Presently, apartment buildings in more desirable areas have become the focus and continue to be where our success lies. We search for multifamily properties that fit a specific criteria, including but not limited to emerging markets with a value add component. We are looking for upside potential through physical and operational repositioning. The property must also be managed in a way that maximizes revenues.


    Our focus is on properties built after 1978 with a location quality of A to C . We prefer stabilized properties with a minimum of 85% occupancy. This reduces our risk while allowing us to execute the business plan for our team.


    RYDON has built an infrastructure that acquires desirable multi-family properties. Our team consists of experts in many fields such as attorneys, mortgage brokers, appraisers and property managers. Through real estate syndications we are able to bring together investors and acquire cash flowing properties. This technique allows people that may not normally be able to purchase apartment buildings because of either lack of funds or lack of experience, the chance to create generational wealth for themselves and their families.


    Father-Son Team. Highly Knowledgeable. Extremely Motivated.

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    Don has been passionately working in real estate investing for over 25 years, he is an active member in multiple real estate groups in the tri-state area. He is a master of the 1031 exchange, trading up from 3 units to 32 units. Don is continuously searching for quality properties for our portfolio that exceed our investors expectations.



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    Managing Member

    Ryan has over 5 years experience. He has been a general partner on multiple apartment building transactions and knowledgeable about different forms of debt as well as many aspects of the transactions including 1031 tax deferred exchange deals. He works closely with property managers ensuring assets preform in accordance with the business plan.



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