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5 Different Reasons to be a Multifamily Real Estate Investor

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Why would you want to invest in apartment buildings?! The list is huge! You might be thinking that you cant invest in apartments, that you don't have enough money but that might not be the case! I want to talk about you being “the bank” today, you can invest a small amount of money to be part of a JV or syndication!

Robert Kiyosaki the author of the book we all know Rich Dad Poor Dad has said:

“The poor and middle classwork for their money, the rich have their money work for them”

and (among other things)

“Rich people acquire assets. The poor and middle class acquire liabilities they think are assets”

So even if your not rich now, you need to think and act rich to get to that point eventually.

1. Investing is Easier Than You Think, Leverage Other People Time/OPT

  • This is the easy way to financial freedom
  • All you need to do is write a check or transfer money through a bank account, it's as easy as buying a stock!
  • This is simple for you because you are leveraging OPT - managers are the ones with them time commitment not the investors
  • No tenants, toilets, telephone calls
  • You as an investors can live your life on your terms and reap the rewards of real estate
  • That could mean continuing a day job and investing on the side or whatever you make life

2.There are Many Different Possibilities

  • So many different options in real estate
  • Value add
  • Turn key
  • Small scale or large scale properties
  • Each management team has their business plan that they will follow for the property, find a manager that you understand and agree with

3. Investors, There is a Better Way Than You're Used To

  • If you're not an investor in real estate now, are you in stocks or anything else?
  • People either are in real or want to be in real estate
  • Everyone wants to be in real estate, RE is the easiest way to gain financial freedom
  • There are so many positives
  • Consistent income/cash flow
  • Diversification
  • Tax depreciation
  • Property appreciation
  • Your using leverage from a loan and other people to be involved in a larger safer asset then you normally could be invested in

4. You Could Save Money

  • This can be done through deprecation 
  • Passive losses
  • You write these off against your gains
  • You could become a RE professional and write off depreciation, cost segregation and the like
  • You will need to talk to your tax professional about this and how it could benefit you in your unique situation

5. You Will Own a Real and Tangible Asset!

  • Imagine being able to drive past an apartment building you are part owner of
  • Not only do you own a real asset but you know the people running it, unlike a stock such as Apple. You know the business plan and it's easy to understand
  • You'll be updated and kept in the loop on your asset often, typically getting disbursements quarterly and updates at least monthly

Of course there are many other reasons, but this is a quick 5 to get you thinking about investing in real estate. With so many positives and so many options if you are on the outside looking in, now is the time to get in!